PLECTRUM RUG 2 – Shaded or Ombre tufting effect

I am not entirely sure where the ides for this rug came from. It was probably from a combination of taking the shape from a previous commission earlier in the year for a project in Clerkenwell, London, and some colours that I had in my bank of stock colours from previous commissions.

I like to gather colours from stock to see which weights I have to allow me to create a rug or wall hanging to a specific size and design. These colours jumped out at me after seeing where my first PLECTRUM rug was located and the colours around it from the furniture around it too.

Samples are a great way of working out the correct mix and best way of creating the desired tonal shading or ombre effect rather than diving straight into making mistakes on the actual rug.

I do not always create designs for my rug project but in this case, I had to visualize how the shading would appear. I also realized that I wanted the shading to be more centralized than the design showed.

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