HAY BALE 1 – Hand Tufted Rug or Wall Hanging

Inspired by walks through the fields around West Yorkshire and the changing view of the field directly in front of the workshop in Mirfield, this HAY BALE design rug or wall hanging evokes the movement of the ploughed lines of cultivation but using a palette of expressive, counterintuitive custom dyed pure wool colours.

Each rug starts with pure wool blended and spun in Huddersfield.

Each colour has been custom dyed in Dewsbury.

Each colour is then wound onto cones locally.

Each design is drawn onto a hand stretched canvas.

Each rug is hand tufted using the pure wool custom dyed colours.

Each rug takes between 2 to 3 days to build up the tufting lines into a dense pile.

Each rug is backed with natural latex and hessian to for a rigid finish.

Each rug is than finished on the floor by cropping or shearing any long ends that have shot out during the hand tufting.


Construction – Cut Pile Pure Wool

Pile height – 12mm High Cut Pile

Quality – 4.25 kg per meter

Rug Size – 170cm x 120cm

Colours – 7 Custom Dyed Colours

Edges – Turned & Finished Edges

Loose Laid Rug or Wall Hanging

Price – £1200.00 (Inclusive of VAT)

Delivery – To Be Established

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