SCULPTING A CONTINENT – Hand Tufted Insallation in Dewsbury

Andrew’s commission, entitled ‘Sculpting A Continent’, is intended to start a conversation about Climate Change and how a small change by everyone could lessen our impact on the environment.

The first instalment of the hand tufted textile commission was revealed on Saturday 5th June 2021 coinciding with World Environment Day. The commission was located in a seated gazebo in Dewsbury’s Market Place. Opposite the installation, in the shop next to the Arcade entrance, there was an exhibition space and workshop area set up so that the general public could have an opportunity to have a go at hand tufting and contribute to a community created hand tufted textile by creating their own tufted lines on a stretched rug canvas on every Saturday in June.

Andrew has been designing and making hand tufted rugs for domestic, commercial and commissioned floor or wall artwork for over 30 years. He lives in Dewsbury and has a rug making company in Mirfield called Area Rugs. Andrew uses local wool spinners, yarn dyers and suppliers wherever possible to create his bespoke rugs and carpets……….. and therefore reducing his carbon footprint.

Andrew Warburton worked on a joint textile commission with BEAM and Woven in Kirklees for Creative Town Dewsbury in Market Place, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire UK.

Andrew Warburton is using textiles to draw attention to the increase of colossal icebergs, some the size of New York, breaking off from Antarctica in these ‘calving events’ as a result of climate change. The textile installation is intended to raise awareness about climate change and hopefully inspire people to make changes to lesson our impact on the environment.

‘Sculpting a Continent’ hand tufted installation piece by Andrew Warburton

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