The Coldstones Cut

“The Coldstones Cut is a piece of public art on a monumental scale. Created by the artist Andrew Sabin as a sculptural response to the Coldstones Quarry at Pateley Bridge, the sculpture functions as an array of platforms from which visitors can view both the spectacular quarry hole and limestone quarrying operation, and the landscape of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Beauty and beyond. The sculpture also functions as an interpretive medium for the surrounding landscape, its industrial heritage and its relationship with the quarry.

The Coldstones Cut combines the curious conventions of a contemporary streetscape with the brute impressiveness of ancient stone block constructions. Perched at a height of 1375 feet above sea level, it can be freely explored by visitors who can walk the street and the various winding paths within and experience the extraordinary vistas which the platforms expose.

Only a visit to the Coldstones Cut can demonstrate the scale and splendour of The Coldstones Cut and its location. To get a foretaste of the Coldstones Cut experience you can view our gallery of images showing the construction of the sculpture and some of its outstanding features.”

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